About Us

Beyond Tiles Pty Ltd is proud to have established itself as a reliable, quality oriented, and cost effective supplier of tile products to the architectural specification and the residential development markets, both within Australia and internationally.

We actively work with architects, interior designers, developers, and contractors on all types of residential and commercial projects.

We are committed to inspire our clients with our cutting edge product portfolio, aiming to achieve optimum results with respect to design, quality, functionality, and budget requirements.

The Products and Projects sections provide you with an insight into some of the latest trends for high-end residential and large-scale commercial projects.

Please feel free to Contact Us to request samples, catalogues, and technical specification.

We welcome you to call and book an appointment to visit our showroom, and our experienced consultants will be happy to assist you with your project.

Our Philosophy

We specialize in sourcing
the latest design

We are committed to inspire our clients with the latest developments in the world of tiles.


We provide individual project solutions

We work closely with our clients to understand all aspects of their project requirements. We're passionate about finding the most appropriate tiles that will deliver optimum results across all aspects of each project: design, performance and cost.


We deliver outstanding service

We develop and manufacture porcelain tiles for large-scale commercial projects and often surpass clients' expectations by exceeding their specifications both in design and quality. The two key elements in this service are our high level of performance as a partner, and our cost effectiveness.


We deliver outstanding Value

Our philosophy is also built on fair pricing, efficient operations and keeping our overheads low. This means outstanding value for our clients throughout our product portfolio.

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